We offer unique cello lessons by mixing traditional and modern musical styles.  Fueled by a deep love for classical music and a wealth of experience playing modern styles like rock, jazz, blues, and funk, we have developed a distinctive style of cello playing and an equally distinctive teaching style.

We are well equipped to teach traditional cello lessons, incorporating scales, technical drills, and classical repertoire.  However, our lessons are much more comprehensive, including instruction in sight-reading, improvisation, music theory, songwriting, and ear-training, or even recording and music technology.  Our goal is to make musicians, not just instrumentalists.  Even the great concert cellist Yo Yo Ma, who performs as a soloist with the finest orchestras of the world, has recognized that, while the cello is capable of beautifully recreating some of the finest pieces of music ever composed, it is also a living, breathing instrument capable of crossing into modern musical styles with ease.  Our goal is to bring the cello to life by incorporating music from many cultures and time periods.